Kai S. Chan
Exciting addition to the neighborhood. Probably the best Chinese restaurant in duboce triangle
James W.
Great neighborhood spot serving solid dumplings and hot from the kitchen entrees! I'm happy to welcome this place to Duboce!
M C.
Yummy dumplings! Dined in and had their won ton soup, spicy dumplings, thousand egg + tofu and it was delicious
Seth G.
We are thrilled to welcome our longtime favorite Chinese restaurant to our neighborhood! It's so thrilling to have such an interesting menu just around the corner! Not only do they have the best Shanghai soup dumplings, but they also have all kinds of interesting dishes like the new "Beijing pancake" , a savory crepe-like creation layered with your choice of crispy duck, crispy chicken, beef etc. This is the first Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood that serves our favorite vegetable: pea shoots! Anyway go get it!
Nicholas Salazar
The return of one of the best Chinese restaurants in SF!!! The newest location of Shanghai Dumpling King (other one on Monterey Blvd). Long time fans and newcomers alike will find the same incredible food and wonderful staff that has made Shanghai Dumpling King standout. I was devastated when the beloved Balboa location closed a few years ago and have been making the trip to Monterey Blvd ever since. So I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the new sign out of the corner of my eye. It turns out many of their customers had been asking them to open up somewhere closer. It's a miracle. So much delicious food here you can't go wrong. The soup dumplings are top tier. Favorites include the scallion pancake, potstickers, green beans, mapo tofu, dan dan noodles, salt and pepper fish, and spicy wontons. Order anything on the menu, you won't be disappointed. I was so happy I ate the food before I got a chance to take pictures. I will updated next time I go.
Genevieve Y.
Date & Time: Monday June 13, 2022 @ 5pm Party of 3 Scene: Families in Sleeveless Crop Sweaters, Floral Minis, Golden Goose Sneakers Decor: Step Inside this Unassuming Spot Down a Small Flight of Stairs is the Simple Dining Room Service: Super Kind, Attentive, Considerate Earnest & Humble. Always Feels like Home Conversing in Canto & Mandarin Imbibe: Tea Devour: Pan Fried Baos, Noodles, Rice Cakes & Dumplings Total: $51.08
Alex C.
I went on day two of their opening. It's wonderful to have this authentic Chinese food institution in the neighborhood. The dishes, particularly all the various dumplings are excellent. The staff is friendly and excited to serve the neighborhood. They are open for lunch and dinner and are doing delivery and takeout. Go now before this joint gets popular because it will be hard to get a table.